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Computer fundamental question paper with answer pdf (100mcq)

Computer fundamental question paper with answer pdf - This section contains the first 100 computer fundamental MCQ pdf file with the answer key. 

The computer fundamental chapter is most important for the psc computer exam. The public service commission (Lok Sewa Aayog) is asking almost 14 questions in the computer operator exam from this chapter. 

Contents of Computer fundamental question paper

In this chapter, we have to read the basic fundamental of computer which includes an introduction, History, Generation, characteristics, types & Applications. Also, we have to read an overview of a computer system with includes data and data processing, detail about hardware and software, computer setting and protection, the concept of multimedia, file management, computer networking, and number systems, etc. 

How to read Computer fundamental MCQ

In order to prepare Computer fundamental MCQ, you also need to have theoretical knowledge about it. Before you read Computer fundamental MCQ, you should also look at the related theories in the book you have. You can also view theories from our web site.

Make a hard copy note by collecting as many computer fundamental MCQs as possible. Read the whole note once. And when you read it for the second time, take the highlighter and highlight the questions that are difficult to remember.

Highlight the full questions that are difficult to remember even after reading Computer fundamental MCQ for the third time.

1)     In which generation transistor is used?


a)     1st

b)     2nd

c)     3rd

d)     4th

2)     Which device cannot be shared in the network?

a)     Floppy

b)     Keyboard

c)     Computer

d)     Printer

3)     Which port does not exist in the computer?

a)     USB

b)     Parellel

c)     COM 1/ COM 2

d)     No one of the above

4)     1 nibble contains ………….. bit

a)     8 bits

b)     3 bits

c)     1 byte

d)     4 bits

5)     UNIVAC is 

a)     Universal Automatic Computer 

b)     Universal Array Computer 

c)     Unique Automatic Computer 

d)     Unvalued Automatic Computer  

6)      Integrated Circuits (ICs) are related to which generation of computers? 

a)     First generation  

b)     Second generation  

c)     Third generation  

d)     Fourth generation  

7)     The basic operations performed by a computer are

a)     Arithmetic operation  

b)     Logical operation  

c)     Storage and relative  

d)     All the above  

8)     The two major types of computer chips are 

a)     External memory chip  

b)     Primary memory chip  

c)     Microprocessor chip  

d)     Both b and c  

9)     Microprocessors as switching devices are for which  generation computers 

a)     First Generation  

b)     Second Generation  

c)     Third Generation  

d)     Fourth Generation  

10) Which device will process data?

a)     RAM

b)     Hard disk

c)     CPU

d)     None

11) Data store in…

a)     Floppy

b)     Hard disk

c)     Tape

12) All of the above

a)     One nanosecond means

b)     10-6 seconds

c)     10-9 seconds

d)     10-12 seconds

e)     10-15 seconds

13) The decimal equivalent of binary (1011) is….

a)     13

b)     10

c)     11

d)     14

14) The scanner is the …….. device of the computer system

a)     Input

b)     Output

c)     Input output

d)     Processing

15) Pentium means the ….. of the computer.

a)     ALU

b)     Microprocessor

c)     Monitor

d)     Memory

16) What is the name is given to the first generation of computer language?

a)     Binary language

b)     Machine language

c)     Primary language

d)     Natural language

17) Compiler and interpreters are themselves…….

a)     Hardware

b)     Program

c)     Virus

d)     No one of the above

18) Which of the following is a mass storage device?

a)     CDROM

b)     Hard disk

c)     Tape

d)     All of the above

19) A single byte consists of ……

a)     4bits

b)     16bits

c)     8bits

d)     7 bits

20) The main basic block of a computer system consists of……

a)     Input, output, CPU, and memory

b)     Input, output, storage, and user

c)     RAM, ROM, Floppy, and UPS

d)     RAM, hard disk, keyboard, and monitors

21) According to the working principle, the computer is divided as……

a)     Analog computer

b)     Digital computer

c)     Hybrid computer

d)     All of the above

22) What is modem?

a)     Analog and digital converter

b)     Modulator and demodulator

c)     Telephone switching

d)     None of the above

23) 1 MB corresponds to…

a)     1024 bytes

b)     1024 terabytes

c)     1024 kilobytes

d)     1024 GB

24) 1 GB corresponds to…

a)     1024 MB

b)     1024 byte

c)     1024 TB

d)     1024 GB

25) There are … types of language processor,

a)     1

b)     2

c)     3

d)     4































Please download the first 100 Computer fundamental question paper with answer pdf from here. We have published various MCQ online computer quizzes and Computer fundamental question paper with answer pdf. Hope you all like it. If there is a mistake in any of the questions please let us know by commenting on this post. Thanks!

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