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Computer fundamental MCQ with answer | Set-2


Computer fundamental MCQ with answer pdf - This section contains the 2nd set of 100 computer fundamental MCQ questions with the answer key. 

The computer fundamental chapter is most important for the psc computer exam of both assistant and full computer operator. The public service commission (Lok Sewa Aayog) is asking almost 14 questions in the computer operator exam from this chapter. 

Contents of Computer fundamental MCQ

In this chapter, we have to read the basic fundamental of computer which includes an introduction, History, Generation, characteristics, types & Applications. Also, we have to read an overview of a computer system with includes data and data processing, detail about hardware and software, computer setting and protection, the concept of multimedia, file management, computer networking, and number systems, etc. 

101)        Mnemonic a memory trick is used in which of the following language?

a)     Machine language  

b)     Assembly language  

c)     High-level language  

d)     None of above  

102)        Instruction in the computer, languages consist of

a)     OPCODE  

b)     OPERAND  

c)     Both of above  

d)     None of above  

103)        Which generation of computer is still under development

a)     Fourth Generation  

b)     Fifth Generation  

c)     Sixth Generation  

d)     Seventh Generation  

104)        A register organized to allow to move left or right operations  is called a ____ 

a)     Counter  

b)     Loader  

c)     Adder  

d)     Shift register  

105)        Which was the most popular first generation computer?

a)     IBM 650  

b)     IBM 360  

c)     IBM 1130  

d)     IBM 2700  

106)        Which is considered a direct entry input device?

a)     Optical scanner  

b)     Mouse and digitizer  

c)     Light pen  

d)     All of the above  

107)        A set of information that defines the status of resources  allocated to a process is 

a)     Process control  

b)     ALU  

c)     Register Unit  

d)     Process description  

108)        Each set of Napier’s bones consisted of ______ rods.

a)     5  

b)     9  

c)     11  

d)     13  

109)        BCD is 

a)     Binary Coded Decimal  

b)     Bit Coded Decimal  

c)     Binary Coded Digit  

d)     Bit Coded Digit  

110)        When was the world’s first laptop computer introduced in the  market and by whom? 

a)     Hewlett-Packard, 1980  

b)     Epson, 1981  

c)     Laplink Traveling Software Inc, 1982  

d)     Tandy Model-200, 1985  

111)        From which generation operating systems were developed?

a)     First  

b)     Second  

c)     Third  

d)     Fourth 

112)        The first firm to mass-market a microcomputer as a personal  computer was 

a)     IBM  

b)     Super UNIVAC  

c)     Radio Shaks  

d)     Data General Corporation  

113)        How many address lines are needed to address each machine  location in a 2048 x 4 memory chip? 

a)     10  

b)     11  

c)     8  

d)     12  

114)        Properly arranged data is called 

a)     Field  

b)     Words  

c)     Information  

d)     File  

115)        A computer consists of 

a)     A central processing unit  

b)     A memory  

c)     Input and output unit  

d)     All of the above  

116)        Why are vacuum tubes also called valves? 

a)     Because they can amplify the weak signals and make them strong 

b)     Because they can stop or allow the flow of current  

c)     Both of above  

d)     None of above  

117)        John Napier invented Logarithm in 

a)     1614  

b)     1617  

c)     1620  

d)     None of above  

118)        An integrated circuit is 

a)     A complicated circuit  

b)     An integrating device  

c)     Much costlier than a single transistor  

d)     Fabricated on a tiny silicon chip  

119)        What type of control pins are needed in a microprocessor to  regulate traffic on the bus, in order to prevent two devices  from trying to use it at the same time? 

a)     Bus control  

b)     Interrupts  

c)     Bus arbitration  

d)     Status  

120)        Whereas a computer mouse moves over the table surface, the  trackball is 

a)     Stationary  

b)     Difficult to move  

c)     Dragged  

d)     Moved in small steps  

121)        Which of the following is used as a primary storage device?

a)     Magnetic drum  

b)     Hard Disks  

c)     Floppy  

d)     All of above  

122)        Multi user systems provided cost savings for small business  because they use a single processing unit to link several

a)     Personal computers  

b)     Workstations  

c)     Dumb terminals  

d)     Mainframes  

123)        What are the three decisions making operations performed  by the ALU of a computer? 

a)     Grater than  

b)     Less than  

c)     Equal to  

d)     All of the above  

124)        The word processing task associated with changing the  appearance of a document is 

a)     Editing  

b)     Writing  

c)     Formatting  

d)     All of above  

125)        Nepal brought a computer for census of 2028 BS. This  computer was of 

a)     first generation  

b)     second generation  

c)     third generation  

d)     fourth generation  

Please download the 2nd set of 100 Computer fundamental MCQ question papers with answer pdf from here. We have published various MCQ online computer quizzes and Computer fundamental question papers with answer pdf. Hope you all like it. If there is a mistake in any of the questions please let us know by commenting on this post. Thanks!

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