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Excel formula grade quiz for psc computer exam

The excel formula grade quiz is important for all psc exam of both assistant and full computer operator. The Public Service Commission (Lok-Sewa Aayog) has also asked more than 3 questions about the Microsoft Excel chapter. excel formula grade quiz is so useful for preparing PSC Computer exam.

excel-formula-grade-quiz Microsoft Excel MCQ Quiz part-6

Microsoft Excel MCQ Quiz part-6


Excel formula grade quiz

This excel formula grade quiz contains 10 multiple-choice questions(MCQs) from the Microsoft Excel chapter. Each question contains four options in which one is the correct option. Select the correct option by clicking on the "?" button. Your score will appear together.

We have published various MCQs Computer quiz on excel formula grade quiz, MS-PowerPoint, and MS-Access. Hope you all like these quizzes. If there are mistakes in any question, please comment on the related post. Thanks!

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