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MS Word MCQ questions | Set-2


MS Word MCQ questions- This section contains the first set of 100 ms word MCQ questions with the answer key. 

The Microsoft word chapter is most important for the psc computer exam of both assistant and full computer operator. The public service commission (Lok Sewa Aayog) is asking almost 8 questions in the computer operator exam from this ms word MCQ question. 

Contents of ms word MCQ questions

In this chapter, we have to read about the different designs and formatting of documents, newsletters, envelopes, ID Card, mail, and table, etc. Also, we have to know about different short kut keys and formulas.

101)        What is the shortcut key for "Superscript" the selected text?

a)     Ctrl + =

b)     Ctrl + -

c)     Ctrl + Shift + =

d)     Ctrl + Shift + -

102)        What is the shortcut key to Close Active Document in Microsoft Word?

a)     Ctrl + F4

b)     Shift + F4

c)     Ctrl + Shift + F4

d)     None of above

103)        What is the shortcut key to show font dialog box?

a)     Ctrl + D

b)     Ctrl + Shift + F

c)     Ctrl + Shift + P

d)     All of the above

104)        How to remove all character formats?

a)     Shift + Spacebar

b)     Shift + Enter

c)     Ctrl + Spacebar

d)     Ctrl + Enter

105)        What is the shortcut key to "Undo" the last action in a document?

a)     Ctrl + X

b)     Ctrl + Y

c)     Ctrl + Z

d)     None of above

106)        Which key do you press to force a page break?

a)     CTRL+ALT

b)     CTRL+ break

c)     CTRL+ Enter

d)     none of the above

107)        To increase a paragraph indent, use the         shortcut keys.

a)     ctrl+l

b)     ctrl+e

c)     ctrl+1

d)     ctrl+m

108)        To move to the end of the document, press the key(s).

a)     down arrow

b)     end

c)     ctrl+down arrow

d)     ctrl+end

109)        Which key is used to select all the text in the document?

a)     Ctrl+T

b)     Ctrl+A

c)     Ctrl+F

d)     Ctrl+N

110)        To undo the last work, press …..

a)     Ctrl+U

b)     Ctrl+Y

c)     Ctrl+Z

d)     Ctrl+W

111)        The scroll box on the vertical scroll bar indicates the          _.

a)     position of the insertion point from the top of the page

b)     distance of the insertion point from the left margin

c)     current relative location of the document portion displayed in the window

d)     rank of the word in which the insertion point is found

112)        Headers and footers can include text and graphics, as well as the    _.

a)     current date

b)     page number

c)     current time

d)     all of the above

113)        Text boundary can be displayed or hidden from

a)     Auto text option from Insert menu

b)     Options from Tools menu

c)     Customize from Tools menu

d)     All of above

114)        …..are types of changes that occur when text has been omitted from a document and must be inserted later.

a)     Copy

b)     Paste

c)     Cut

d)     Paste Special

115)        Which would you choose to move selected text from one place to another?

a)     Move and Paste

b)     Copy and Paste

c)     Cut and Paste

d)     Delete and Paste

116)        Ctrl + X

a)     Close Document

b)     Close Word Application

c)     Cut the Selected Contents

d)     Copy the Selected Contents

117)        Which is not a data source component?

a)     mail merge toolbar

b)     header row

c)     data fields

d)     data records

118)        In Word, the mailing list is known as the      _.

a)     data sheet

b)     source

c)     data source

d)     sheet

119)        On the horizontal ruler, an upside down T indicates a tab stop.

a)     left-aligned

b)     right-aligned

c)     decimal-aligned

d)     centered

120)        To erase a character to the right of the insertion the point, press the key.

a)     cancel

b)     backspace

c)     delete

d)     either b or c

121)        Ctrl + D

a)     Delete Dialog Box

b)     Font Dialog Box

c)     Delete All

d)     Do nothing

122)        Ctrl + Y

a)     Undo the last Action

b)     Repeat the last Action

c)     Delete the last page

d)     Delete the first page

123)        "Ctrl + Delete" is used to

a)     Delete the word just after the cursor

b)     Delete the word just before the cursor

c)     Delete the single letter just after the cursor

d)     Delete the single letter just before the cursor

124)        "Ctrl + Backspace" is used to

a)     Delete the single letter just before the cursor

b)     Delete the single letter just after the cursor

c)     Delete the word just before the cursor

d)     Delete the word just after the cursor

125)        Auto text and Autocorrect are ____ tools.

a)     styling

b)     editing

c)     designing

d)     none of the above

Please download the 2nd set of 100  ms word MCQ questions pdf from here. We have published various MCQ online computer quizzes and Microsoft word question papers with answers. Hope you all like it. If there is a mistake in any of the questions please let us know by commenting on this post. Thanks!

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