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Computer Operator Online Test Exam-2

The Computer Operator Online Test Exam-2 for both assistant and full computer operators of different sectors is held by the Public Service Commission (PSC).

This Online test contains 50 questions on the basis of the computer operator syllabus of the Lok-Sewa Aayog, Nepal. Each question carries 1 mark. That is, the total marks are 50.

Online Exam Set-1

Computer Operator Online Test Exam-1



Some Basic Information about Computer Operator Online Test Exam

The Computer Operator Online Test Exam is a practice exam that helps the participants to improve their knowledge. The PSC exam gives you 45 minutes, but here you have to solve 50 questions in just 30 minutes' time. Because it’s a practice exam and here you just have to click on the right answer, but in the physical exam, you have to write the answer in OMR Sheet or any other exam sheet which kill more than 10 to 15 minutes.


After practicing these online exams, you must have to practice these questions in the sample OMR-Sheet, so that you can easily solve all the questions within the given time limit in the examination hall.

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