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Computer operator question | Solved Paper 2068

Computer operator question 2068 with answer key of old PSC computer exam for the full and assistant operator is collected by computer quiz.

Solved Question Paper of PSC computer operator question 2068 with an answer sheet containing all the 50 questions with their multiple-choice answer. computer operator previous paper pdf (50 x 1 = 50 marks) with the key of Lok Sewa Aayog computer operator exam 2068 BS. Solved Question Paper Computer Operator Exam 2072

Computer operator question

These 50 question sets of computer operator questions are so helpful for preparing PSC Computer exam of both assistant and full level. We collected and published different previous psc exam question papers of various sectors. Download the Solved Question Paper of Computer Operator Exam 2071


This computer operator previous paper pdf sets are collected by, which are only for educational purposes. source of these questions sets is an old question collection of different books and the internet. We do not want to violate any copyright law.

Answer Key of Computer Operator Question 2068

Correct Answers

1 D All of above

2 B Menu bar

3 B Combining main document with data file

4 D None of the above { Thesaurus does not find repeated words nor the other two options. It displays the synonyms or antonyms which is not on the options. So none of above is correct answer}

5 C Column F row 5

6 B - =A1+A2

7 D <IMG src=Picture file>

8 D - =NOW()

9 C Cell B7 through B9

10 B An absolute cell address is created

11 A A group of Workbook

12 A Lotus 1-2-3

13 D A cell

14 B & (Ampersand)

15 A worksheets and charts

16 A Relational database

17 D All of above {DBMS is the integration of databases and applications to manipulate that database}

18 B Database

19 D Database Administrator

20 B Datasheet View

21 No correct answer. Insert Shapes is available in Insert menu or Home menu (Ribbons). There is no format ribbon and in Animations or Design, there is not Insert Shapes command available.

22 D F5

23 C Design menu

24 A - Residing In many computers linked together using HTML

25 C Uniform Resource Locator

26 D Scientific Applications

27 C Compact Disk

28 B Compiler

29 D Firmware

30 D System analysis

31 A Managers

32 D 4 pair

33 B - By the device used in memory & processor

34 C System Bus

35 D All of above {high/low, binary codes, 0/1 are all same thing}

36 D NIC

37 C Optical fiber cables

38 D Bootstrap loader

39 C Scandisk

40 B Operating System


42 A Windows 2000

43 D All of above

44 D System software

45 C Page Setup Dialog Box

46 B Formatting

47 B Pressing Ctrl+K or by choosing hyperlink from Insert menu

48 B Ctrl+Shift+Enter

49 D Save As

50 B Landscape

Please download this computer operator question with the answer key to the old PSC computer exam and make a hard copy note. You can practice these questions with multiple quizzes.  

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