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Excel MCQ questions with answers pdf | 2nd 100mcqs


Excel MCQ questions with answers pdf contain the 100 multiple choice questions about MCQ for excel with the answer key. 

The Spreadsheets (MS-excel) chapter is most important for the PSC computer exam. The public service commission (Lok Sewa Aayog) is asking up to 10 questions from electronics spreadsheet- excel objective question in the computer operator exam. 

What is electronics spreadsheet?

An electronic spreadsheet is an electronic version of the accountant's traditional paper spreadsheet, which stores numeric data in two-dimensional tables. There are so many electronic spreadsheets available on the internet, Microsoft excel is one of the best which comes in an office package.

In excel MCQ questions with answers pdf chapter, we have to read the basic functions of Microsoft excel, command, operation, simple calculation, shortcut keys, different chart and graphs, pivot table, result sheet preparation, etc. Excel objective question gives the concept about, excel program, shortcut keys, formula, function, etc.

How to read excel MCQ questions with answers pdf?

For preparing an MS-excel MCQ, you also need to have theoretical knowledge about it. Before reading this excel objective question, you should have to read related theories in the book you have.

Print these Microsoft excel MCQs as possible and make a hard copy note. Read the whole note once. And when you read it for the second time, take the highlighter and highlight the questions that are difficult to remember. Highlight the full questions that are difficult to remember even after reading excel objective question for the third time.

101)           You can zoom a worksheet

a)       With the mouse pointer in Print Preview

b)      With the zoom button on the Print Preview toolbar

c)       With the Zoom command on the view menu

d)      All of the above

102)           You cannot link Excel worksheet data to a Word document

a)       With the right drag method

b)      With a hyperlink

c)       With the copy and paste special commands

d)      With the copy and paste buttons on the standard toolbar

103)           This type of software is similar to an accountant’s worksheet

a)       Word processing

b)      Database

c)       Spreadsheets

d)      Graphics

104)           Which function will calculate the number of workdays between 6/9/2004 and 8/12/2004?

a)       Workday

b)      Date

c)       Networkdays

d)      All of the above

105)           Data markers on a chart are linked to data points in a worksheet, therefore,

a)       You can automatically apply formatting to a data series

b)      You can change the position of a data marker and automatically change the data point value in the worksheet

c)       You can change a data print value and automatically are draw the chart

d)      a and b

Please download excel MCQ questions with answers pdf from here. We have published various MCQ online computer quizzes and excel objective question papers with answer pdf. Hope you all like it. If there is a mistake in any of the questions, please let us know by commenting on this post. Thanks!

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