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Operating system MCQ pdf | 3rd 100 mcqs

Operating system MCQ pdf contains the 100 multiple choice questions about os MCQ with the answer key. 

The Operating System chapter is most important for the PSC computer exam. The public service commission (Lok Sewa Aayog) is asking up to 5 questions from os MCQ in the computer operator exam. 

What is an Operating System?

An operating system (OS) is a program that, after initially being loaded into a computer with the help of a boot program. It manages all other application programs on the computer system.

Application programs get access from the operating system by making requests for services through a defined application program interface (API). Users can interact directly with the operating system through a user interface, i.e. command-line interface (CLI) or graphical UI (GUI).

In the operating system mcq pdf chapter, we have to read the basic functions of the operating system, History, Generation, characteristics, types & Applications. OS MCQ gives the concept of command, program types, use of the application, etc.

How to read operating system MCQ pdf?

For preparing an Operating system MCQ, you also need to have theoretical knowledge about it. Before reading this os MCQ, you should have to read related theories in the book you have.

Print this operating system MCQ pdf as possible and make a hard copy note. Read the whole note once. And when you read it for the second time, take the highlighter and highlight the questions that are difficult to remember. Highlight the full questions that are difficult to remember even after reading os MCQ for the third time.

201.           A real-time operating system is most likely to be used for which of the following task?

a)       Controlling access to a shared printer in a network

b)      Ensuring that the system clock works correctly on the server

c)       Managing the access to system files in laptop computers

d)      Controlling the fuel injection system of automobile engines

202.            An operating system is a program or a group of programs that

a)       Helps in checking the spelling of Word

b)      Maintain the relationship in Database

c)       Manages the resources of the Computer

d)      Performs the calculations of cells in Excel

203.            What is the function of an operating system?

a)       Manages computer's resources very efficiently

b)      Takes care of scheduling jobs for execution

c)       Manages the flow of data and instructions

d)      All of the above

204.            The primary job of the operating system is

a)       Manage Commands

b)      Manage Users

c)       Manage Programs

d)      Manage Resources

205.            Which of the following is not an operating system?

a)       Windows 2000

b)      Linux

c)       Mac OS

d)      Notepad


Please download the operating system mcq pdf from here. We have published various MCQ online computer quizzes and os mcq question papers with answer pdf. Hope you all like it. If there is a mistake in any of the questions, please let us know by commenting on this post. Thanks!

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